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the brand

The name Dermogenera® was chosen to represent our focus as a proactive skin care line. Dermo the prefix of terminology used in combining form with reference to the skin; such as 'Dermocosmetic' and Genera is an abbreviation of the Italian word 'generare', meaning to generate, to give life to.


Our products are developed to provide the right level of activity, carefully formulated and balanced to deliver ingredients where they are needed without causing irritation, utilising the benefits of natural botanical extracts & oils combined with other actives & pharmaceutical grade ingredients that can offer clinically proven results.

Dermogenera® actually originated without intention to create an entire range, evolving from a few key products, but our success through results led to greater demand and we grew naturally to become the recognised professional brand that we are today, chosen by specialists and largely through word of recommendation. We remain amongst a minority within the competitive skin care industry, a family run business with a focus on delivering something different for our clients.

We have a simple philosophy to safely restore and maintain long term skin health, offering a compact, results driven professional range without using harmful additives or synthetic fragrance that is environmentally sustainable & cruelty free.


our founder

'continuously update knowledge & approach your work with passion, persistance & commitment to achieve success’.

The Dermogenera® brand is the result of years of passion, hard work, experience & knowledge combined.

With a comprehensive background in cosmetic formulation and over a decade of hands on experience offering treatments as a qualified aesthetician, Victoria Ammoscato has used her knowledge in skin function & the technology of cosmetic preparation, to create each formulation within the Dermogenera® range and is personally involved in every step of product development, right through to our protocols for treatments, education programs and support for professionals.


Victoria holds the strong belief that more in depth education for cosmetic ingredients with transparency for formulations of products on the market should be readily provided and available for skin professionals, especially during advanced level or brand training.

An extensive knowledge in skin care & cosmetic science alongside a willingness to share information have established her as a recognised & respected educator within the skin care & beauty industry.

She first began developing her own products with safe protocols for Microneedling in 2009 and in 2014 was one of the first professionals to deliver education programs including multiple techniques to both medical & non medical specialists in Rome, Italy. Her courses have achieved recognition from a number of accreditation partners, including CIDESCO Italy.

Dedicated to offering innovation, Victoria continuously updates her studies & research in order to provide the latest in results driven skin care.

Training for


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 innovative treatment approach
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