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unauthorised stockists & resellers  

As a professional skin care brand we only sell our products through certified and trained specialists using an authorised distribution network.

You can see our authorised distributors here

We take the issue of unauthorised stockists & resellers seriously, it places at risk consumers and can lead to the possibility of dissatisfaction in our products. The use of brand name, our logo, branded images and product images for online sales can appear legitimate, however to protect yourself against making a purchase from an unreliable source and the associated risks involved with doing so, only purchase products from your Dermogenera® specialist.


This is to ensure the authenticity of products, of receiving items in good condition and within expiry.


It is also important to receive the right products to address your individual skin concerns, following a consultation with advice provided by your specialist. Professionals are required and in agreement to provide advice alongside sales in order to be accepted as Dermogenera® stockists. ​


We cannot accept any responsibility or liability associated with sales of our products by third parties, but be assured that we take action to prevent it wherever possible. 

Contact us to be connected with your nearest authorised stockist.

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