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Every day we strive to provide the best quality treatments to our customers with excellent results. In our studio you will find professionalism and attention to every detail. As skin care specialists there are a number of treatments that we carry out including permanent makeup for eyebrows, lips and eyeliner, for those people who havent found the right professional we are also specialised in removal and correction of a poorly executed permanent makeup work, we have our own highly successful methods for this treatment including with laser. We also carry out personalised skin treatments using electrical stimulation, ultrasound, galvanic, chemical peeling, LED and microneedling to keep your skin healthy. But above all, you will find an environment where cleanliness, confidentiality and availability are fundamental to how we work and show respect for our customers. Come and visit us to transform your skin.

Permanent Make Up Explained

Permanent make up is a tattoo technique (it is also often called semi permanent or micropigmentation) by which coloured pigments are implanted within the layers of the skin.

It corrects small imperfections such as spare eyebrow hair, asymmetry or lack of colour to the lips can be corrected to improve overall image, eyes can be enhanced, subtle eyeliner brings out natural beauty and adds definition and the illusion of thicker eyelashes. It can reduce your time in the mornings applying traditional make up and also means that you look your best no matter the weather or the situation, even at the beach during hot summers or at the swimming pool or gym.

It should be performed by a capable professional and in a suitable environment with dedicated equipment for best results and a safe treatment, hygiene and correct products and equipments should always be used. Permanent make up unlike artistic body art tattooing must consider many natural elements, it should not appear fake or over applied, just simply enhance your natural beauty. A study of the conformation of the features, skin tones and general colouring establishes the best solution for you as an individual.

During consultation the full process will be explained to you including the products used, what happens during the tattooing process, what to expect after treatment and the healing process.

Got Questions?

The best way to have your questions answered about any treatments that we offer including permanent make up and paramedical tattooing is to come and visit, you will receive your consultation that gives individual advice relevant to you aswell as general information about procedures. In the meantime please check the common questions and answers below.

What is Permanent Make Up?

It is simply a form tattoo. It consists of inserting pigment into the skin to give the illusion of real hair or shading for the eyebrows or for adding colour and volume to the lips and can give a better definition to the eye contour.

The results should as natural as possible and treatments should be carried out by a professional with experience and artistic ability together with knowledge of visagism in order to obtain an aesthetically pleasing result in harmony with the morphology and characteristics of each face.

A knowledge of anatomy and physiology as well as chemistry is of importance.

Correct hygiene procedure is essential for a treatment performed in safety, the products used compliant, sterile and disposable. It is not advised to be performed in an unsuitable environment: for example in your own home, or a room not designed for aseptic treatments such as in a hairdresser or nail reconstruction studio, places where there is a risk of contamination.

Who is Permanent Make Up suitable for?

Permanent make up is suitable for many people male and female for different reasons, not simply for aesthetic effects but here are a few popular reasons for getting treatments;

  • When eyebrow hair is too fair

  • Eyebrows are too thin and sparse

  • To cover scarring

  • To correct poor symmetry

  • To correct lack of natural colour and volume to lips

  • Loss of natural hair ( such as post chemotherapy, alopecia or other medical conditions that cause hair loss )

Which technique is best for me?

We are all unique! The individual characteristics of every client is taken into account to ensure a correct balance and the most natural effects possible. We are specialised in creating subtle effects. Every technician should have a style and it is important that you like it before receiving treatment.

The natural tones of the skin and hair determine the color of the chosen pigment and also the method of application, whether manual method (microblading) is used or a machine. Before design is applied there is a study of your morphology, the measurements and characteristics of the facial features, using the bone structure as a basic foundation for every work done

How long does it last?

Just like other aesthetic treatments maintenance is required. Our body and our skin is in a constant phase of renewal and repair, we are subjected to internal and external factors along with genetics that determine how long treatments last for before requiring a retouch to keep them looking good, an annual or bi annual visit is recommended dependant on your skin type, skin colouring, the type of treatment received and your lifestyle choices.

Factors that will fade pigment faster are:

  • Excessive sun exposure

  • Peeling agents

  • Excessive alcohol consumption

  • Certain medications and supplements

  • Excessive excercise

  • Cigarette smoking

Is it painful?

Treatment is not painful, it is a micro tattoo using a precise skill and very fine needle diameters. Often people say that on a level of 1-10, any discomfort is around 3. It is not advised or necessary to use anaesthetic except in very rare situations and before deciding to do so please check with us first and a Dr or Pharmacist should always be consulted regarding products that are safe and suitable for the area to be treated.

Are there risks?

A treatment when carried out by a professional risks are very rare, it is important that they pay attention to the advice before and after treatment. Hygiene is essential for all aesthetic treatments, but it is even more important when doing a tattoo. All equipment used is authorised and the products used during the procedure are sterile and disposable, our pigments are gamma sterilised, produced in pharmaceutical grade conditions and made in Europe.

What is the difference between permanent make up, semi permanent make up and body art tattooing?

Actually there is no difference between Permanent Makeup and Semi Permanent, it is sometimes described as ‘semi’ as a marketing tool and because pigments fade over time, however they never disappear and before deciding to have permanent make up then you must consider that the pigment does not disappear, just as with any other form of tattooing. The fact that pigments used for cosmetic tattooing are designed to fade with time is a positive thing because over time our facial features change with the ageing process, this allows the professional to slightly adjust your design over the years.

Permanent Make-up is a tattoo, a cosmetic tattoo, but it is not recommended to use artistic tattoo pigments (often described as ink), because the formulation is different, whilst there is a trend currently with some operators using products better designed for body art, we do not do so, because of the safety of certain products that do not give natural effects, are not compliant for using on the face and after a while they can create damage aesthetically.

The difference between pigment formulations can be further explained during consultations.

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