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our ingredients

With so many claims out there and the latest 'miracle' on trend ingredients that come and go that it is easy to be confused about what to use for healthy skin & why.

At Dermogenera® we use a selection of functional ingredients along with principal actives to promote healthier skin over time.

When it comes to making positive changes to your routine and getting results, there is no miracle instant cure, we encourage good skin care regimes & professional treatments.

Skin needs in terms of what is placed on it within the products we choose are relatively simple, the basics of keeping it happy & looking healthy are; 

Purify cleanse removing dead skin cells & dirt without stripping the skin & disturbing its balance.

Hydrate deliver & boost the natural moisturising factors of the skin.

Repair ingredients that help stimulate cellular processes & provide nourishment.


  1. Ingredients such as antioxidants to prevent damage from free radicals.

  2. Ingredients that help prevent the loss of natural moisturising factors & protect the lipid barrier such as essential nutrients.

  3. Ingredients that prevent UV damage. 

Choosing the right ingredients is important, for an essential role in providing hydration, to reduce inflammation & oxidative stress, to stimulate cellular turnover & repair, or selected for how they work in synergy to increase the effectiveness of other ingredients when combined.  

When we decide which ingredients to include in a formulation,it doesn't depend on the latest buzz word, instead we rely on experience, scientific knowledge, research & testing for efficacy. 

Each of our products have been developed with careful consideration for the percentage of ingredients chosen.

We use natural ingredients wherever possible, alongside highest quality synthetic options for increased stability & safety when necessary.

We have compiled some basic information for a selection of key ingredients used within Dermogenera® products to highlight some of their benefits within our formulas.



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