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With so many claims out there in the world of skin care and 'miracle' on trend ingredients that come and go that it is easy to be confused about what to use & why.

At Dermogenera we use a selection of functional ingredients along with principal actives to promote healthier skin over time.

When it comes to making changes and getting results, there is no miracle instant cure, as a brand we do not make promises that can't be kept, we encourage good skin care regimes & treatments by our trained specialists.

Skin needs in terms of what is placed on it within the products we choose are relatively simple, the basics of keeping it happy & looking healthy are; 

Purify cleanse removing dead skin cells & dirt without stripping the skin & disturbing its balance.

Hydrate deliver & boost the natural moisturising factors of the skin.

Repair ingredients that help stimulate cellular processes & provide nourishment.


  1. Ingredients that prevent damage from damaging external factors such as antioxidants.

  2. Ingredients that help prevent the loss of natural moisturising factors & protect the lipid barrier such as essential nutrients.

  3. Ingredients that prevent damage from UV radiation. 

Choosing the right ingredients is important, whether they are simply playing an essential role in providing hydration, in reducing inflammation or for rejuvenative function or for how they increase the effectiveness of other ingredients when combined together.  

Deciding which ingredients to include in a formulation is not dependent for us on what the latest buzz word is for marketing purposes, instead it is based on experience, scientific knowledge, research & testing. 

That is not to say that we do not introduce new innovative ingredients and technologies, we are constantly researching & trialling.

Developing a new formulation takes time to ensure the results are achieved, each of our products has been carefully considered with the percentage of ingredients chosen to optimise function. We use natural ingredients wherever possible, so many benefits can be found in nature alongside highest quality synthetic options for increased stability & safety.

We have put together information on some of our favourite ingredients used within Dermogenera skin care products to share some of their benefits and to help explain why we have chosen to use them to get you the best results from your skin care.



Aloe Vera Plant

aloe vera

aloe barbadensis leaf   

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jasminum grandiflorum

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Image by Michael Held

anthemis nobilis

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Pieces of organic beeswax on a white bac


cera alba

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dermogenera skin rejuvenating oil.png


retinyl palmitate

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Image by Olga Tutunaru


lavandula angustiflorum

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Liquid gel texture. Clear beauty serum d

growth factors

Image by Mihai Moisa


rosa canina oil

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Argan seeds, for the production of oil.


argania spinosa

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Image by Mockup Graphics

sweet orange

citrus aurantium dulcis

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Oil serum gel drop isolated on white bac

vitamin c

ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate

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Image by HowToGym

vitamin b5


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Big Sunflower

sunflower seed

helianthus annuus

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Image by Amos Bar-Zeev

vitis vinifera

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Ripe pomegranate fruits with pomegranate


punica granatum extract

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sweet almond

prunus amygdalus dulcis

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three shea nuts, one is filled with butt

shea butter

butyrospermum parkii

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