Learn techniques to get unrivalled results with this popular treatment


Microneedling  Biostimulation to rejuvenate and improve the skin. This course concentrates on all applications of this technique: 

  • Derma roller
  • Fraction derma pen 
  • MCA, for carrying out targeted treatments to problem areas enabling the professional to gain effective results.


This course is suitable for all qualified aesthetic professionals who want to expand knowledge and skills in microneedling treatments, gaining new protocols for treatments in skin rejuvenating collagen stimulation.


Course Outline

  • Explanation of how the process works
  • How to use alongside other professional treatments 
  • Skin anatomy and understanding the ageing process
  • Hygiene for safe treatments 
  • Client management
  • Contraindications
  • Correct application techniques
  • Correct steps for effective treatment
  • Products before, during & after treatment
  • After care
  • Timings for treatments


Following completion of this course you will gain an effective treatment protocol that gains results safely, how to carry out with confidence successful treatments and get satisfaction for your clients.

This course was the first comprehensive course available for microneedling in Italy and the first to cover 3 techniques in the UK. Developed by Victoria Ammoscato an expert with 15 years experience of carrying this treatment successfully using her own methods and protocols.


*includes pre peel treatments, Infusion treatment steps, combination techniques & steps for LipRigen treatment, a technique for improving the appearance of fine lines & age related concerns around the lip area. 

Kit includes:

Professional Treatments kit

  • Dermoplus Roller Devices
  • Gentle Cleanse
  • Exfoliate Cleanse
  • Replenish Oil
  • Combination AHA Mask
  • Post Treatment Kits
  • GF5 Vials
  • HA5 Vials
  • Samples Kit 
  • Marketing support – Leaflets w/holder & poster
  • Manual & online training with 1:1 session included
  • Certificate of knowledge



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