skin care consultations & analysis

Updated: Jan 29

In our current situation we are unable to offer hands on services, however we can support our clients with home care programs and tailoring product packages and treatments for them to carry out under our guidance. 

One of the key factors of doing this successfully and safely is consultation. This has to be done remotely and I have put together some steps for consultation and analysis with tips. 

Our consultation form is available to download here

Carrying out remote skin consultation

As we are unable to use our usual tools and steps for consultation and analysis it is important to ask questions and rely on our clients to give feedback. 

step 1

Ask them how they are coping during the lockdown process. At this time many of us are experiencing elevated stress levels and poor sleep patterns. When we are stressed our bodies do not function well, the skin receives less nutrients and inflammation is increased leading to issues such as irritation, breakout and dehydration. Our digestive system is under strain. Suggest to avoid triggers such as alcohol, sugar and to increase intake of fresh vegetables, healthy carbohydrates, proteins and to follow a healthy varied diet.

It could be helpful to recommend;

• relaxation techniques such as guided meditations, to help promote better sleep also self help and motivational programs for a healthy mindset.

• some form of regular excercise, psychologically and physically this helps as circulation is improved, metabolism is better and endorphins produced help us feel better.  

• increase or maintain a good water intake to avoid dehydration and flush the system.

• posting healthy diet tips and recipes can stimulate your followers to make small changes. 

During your consultation you can refer them to your own page if you have posted tips and articles. Or offer to send articles or links.

step 2

Visual via video call & discussion regarding current skin condition.

Visually it can be much more difficult via video call than in person. It can help to ask them prior to your consultation to organise an area where they won't be disturbed, they have good light and the device using close enough that you can help them visually if possible.

Your client should have thoroughly cleansed skin and skin should be free from product or any make up. 

Most of our clients requiring our support in this time will likely have been to us for a period of time, we may be familiar with their skin type and general issues, however many people have experienced significant changes over the past few months. 

In case of new clients establish skin type


Skin feels tight after cleansing, irritation is common due to impaired barrier function. People with this skin type often express frustration that skin appears dull, ageing signs more evident, it is as if no moisturiser is sufficient. 

To maintain a healthy skin with this skin type, hydration plus high lipids is essential.