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growth factor ingredients in skincare

Growth factors have gained increased popularity as skincare ingredients and they are key actives used within our range Dermogenera®, for many years now. They can offer a range of benefits for the skin, but understanding how and why they work and where they originate from, helps to understand the differences with consideration for safety and efficacy.

Firstly let's discuss what growth factors are, they basically are messengers to our cells, relaying and stimulating cellular processes.

Therefore they potentially promise significant skin changing benefits, as we age our natural growth factor production decreases, which is why for example we see a reduction in collagen and elastin production, leading to wrinkles and other signs of ageing. So introducing ingredients that can boost collagen and elastin production, increase skin strength, improve circulation, reduce glycation, hyperpigmentation, inflammation and promote faster healing, is positive for every skin's health..

Adding such ingredients alongside professional treatments such as biorejuvenation with microneedling or with electrical therapies, can be really beneficial and help improve results, especially when included as part of a post treatment program.

As anti ageing ingredients they can offer promising benefits to stimulate the skin naturally to help repair damage and leading to an overall improved appearance.

We use bio mimetic synthetic source protein ingredients, created to mimick our own natural growth factors and using nanotechnology to encapsulate offer bioavailability, so they can be delivered effectively to the skin, synthetically produced means they are created in a lab from a bacterial source, as a brand we choose this method over human, animal or plant sourced forms.

We use a selection of specific growth factor ingredients, amongst which the more well known and popular; including Fgf, or fibroblast like growth factor, responsible for collagen and elastin production and wound healing.

Kgf or keratin like growth factor, aiding skin barrier strength and Egf or epidermal like growth factor, significant for wound healing and improving the function of the epidermal layer, including modulating sebum production and improving the natural moisturising factors of the skin.

We are utilising the known processes within our body and the capability of our stem cells to release growth factors, as and when needed to signal processes such as regeneration or repair, when a growth factor is produced within our system and released, it travels to where it is needed to a cell's surface receptor, which receives the given message and begins necessary actions to make changes, so the benefits of synthesised growth factors in skincare, are designed to mimick this action through topical application of ingredients, created to send specific messages.

Synthetic growth factors have played a role in medicine for many years and are safely utilised for cosmetic formulation purposes.

Whilst they offer significant promise and are considered as valid skin changing ingredients, a realistic approach is required, they should be included and make up a part of an entire program and positive skin changes come with following a whole routine that is made up of the right products and treatments to address individual concerns, rather than be viewed as a single miracle cure.

When used regularly alongside other active ingredients they can increase effectiveness and promote benefits such as lowered inflammation, an important factor preventing and reducing skin damage and vital for any anti ageing skin regime.

We include a combination of 4 key growth factor ingredients EGF, FGF, IGF and KGF within several of our products, our main products containing our complex is GF5 serum, which also contains multi molecular low weights of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5, or Panthenol to calm and reduce inflammation. GF5 is suitable for any skin type and is available as both 30ml and in sterile vials for professional use within treatments. VITA ACE, is our antioxidant serum which contains our growth factor complex alongside a blend of Vitamin C in the skin friendly form of Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Vitamin E and Retinol and is ideal even for problematic skins to protect daily from free radical damage and promote an overall better skin tone and texture.

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