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active skincare solutions

made in Italy

hyaluronic acid with biomimetic egf, igf, fgf + kgf

  • boosts + locks in hydration

  • improves overall skin health + appearance

  • helps fight damage

formulated to optimise your skin health

An advanced professional skin care system, Dermogenera® is formulated with the latest cosmetic biotechnology & botanical ingredients. A cruelty free brand without harmful additives, created in consideration for environmental sustainability. 

Dermogenera® provides a compact, streamlined system that purifies, protects & nourishes the skin. Our core products, enriched with concentrated actives, deliver proven exceptional results.

The system's flexibility allows for the creation of individual skincare programs & daily routines, catering to the unique needs of any skin type or condition.
Thanks to the high quality & potent concentrations of our primary ingredients, each carefully balanced formulation maximises benefits, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your skin.


Dermogenera® founder Victoria Ammoscato shares the inspiration behind the creation of the brand. Read more about our origins & our philosophy.


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